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They dixit

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Bitcoiners create bullmarkets.
Bullmarkets create shitcoins
Shitcoins create bearmarkets.
Bearmarkets create bitcoiners.…



Diamond hands

Manos de diamante

Max Keiser y Stacy Herbert, en su programa “Keiser report” titulado La importancia de tener ‘manos de diamante’ (E1706) hablan con Simon Dixon, de

imagine sunrise


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Imagina a una compleja criatura cuya misión ontológica excede la noción de sí misma para buscar la trascendencia social.


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Let’s see how different could be the same concept explained. Writers, trends, languages..make…

The Fear of Freedom

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Freedom in history

Freedom, argues Fromm, became an important issue in the 20th century, being seen as something to be fought for and defended.…

Don't be tracked, freedom is here

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We are going to spread some interesting info about general topics, let’s dive into the history, collecting great and also small ideas to understand how our freedom is going on.