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UnderVan Project

Training and services that make you free
We teach you hacking for our freedom
Think different, Play different
I am because we are
Decolonize your mind

The fast evolution and constant threat of technology, our ever-growing reliance upon digital processes, the exponential increase of information and the social and political contexts makes freedom one of the greatest challenges of our time. Despite this, few are convinced that we can learn, teach, encourage, share the necessary skills to tackle it.
The idea was created to close the skills gap quickly, efficiently and effectively.
We show the milestones of the new life coming, where everyone can live the individual success within a succesful community. We share the politics, the ethics, the geoestrategies, the philosophy, the praxis, the dreams and the realities.


Testing services

– Imagine yourself with total freedom and opportunites available -> How do you want to live your life in this world? Do you have a project? We can think about it and make it real 🙂

Adversary Simulations – Imagine adversaries, battles and war against yourself and your project of life. How can you manage that? we provide activities to identify weaknesses, we teach tech and social self defense.

Insfrastructure – we provide services and routine for your project.

Blockchain peer to peer management – we teach how to be part of the network, you are not alone, make it safe and trusted

Economics – Imagine how to get your wallet full of possibilites, not only full of green bucks. We teach crypto-economics, let’s start with a crypto wallet.

Education & Trainings
Ethics & legalities – Politics & Social backgrounds
Open-Source Intelligence
Free software infrastructure
Web application Assessments
Crypto identity: manage your passwords/crypto assets/ crypto market
Health (body-mind and soul)


Secure - Anonyme - Singular
Cloud Nomadic Services
We drive and develop projects collectively, facilitating, guiding and advising during their development through the use of free digital tools. The initial project idea will be defined and organised as the project works with these tools to reach its objective.
In order to digitise a project, it is advisable to have a series of skills. We provide guidance and workshops according to the needs to acquire skills for the strategy, structure, design, development, viability and profitability of the project.
Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology of your project and who is driving and building the project.
Tokenomics: a new branch of the economy that explains the structure of a particular ecosystem in the blockchain sphere. It describes the study, design, and implementation of economic systems built on blockchain technology. Each platform and blockchain application is developed under its own token-economics model.
How to implement tokenomics into your project? we have your answer