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What’s that?

Non-fungible tokens

What are NFT?

NFT are digital collectibles that use blockchain technology in its creation and/or distribution

Why I want an NFT?

Because everything could be an asset and everybody can do it or create it.

That’s the tokenomics in real life.

Are you an artist?

Please, read the amazing post of Justin Cone: The skeptics’ introduction to cryptoart and NFTs for digital artists and designers
You will be ready to tokenize your art

Are you not an artist?

Please, if you have personal and unique digital work you deserve to tokenize your work and become it an asset. It’s part of the financial freedom and independence that the technology brings to us.
You will be ready to tokenize your creations.

We want to introduce to Mr.Loop-ping, a free software enthusiast who lives into the blockchain and he is able to think and create loops to join the real life in earth with the blockchain. His creative thinking and emotional intelligence towards what is around drive metaphysical creations as following:

NFT co-lab collector
Best place to fair-place your art
Releasing soon…
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