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Self-isolation at Chipiona

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Being in paradise, at Curro‘s place, encourages well being and the chance to do different tasks than usual
Undervan team passed there the whole lock-down supporting new challenges like promoting collaborative projects, taking advantage of the availability of colleagues and friends to think and organize in a different way according to the circumstances. The successful result of this cocktail was where we could share an amazing and challenged experience. is a collaborative project for coaches, players, volunteers, managers and all handball enthusiasts.

What does handtrainer provide to the community? offers news from the world of handball, as well as technical contents every week, driving by a wonderful team of Hand’ragés, Boris, Romain, Clem, Mr.H and Mr.L

The technical corner Videos on technical and tactical content!
Every week Clem offers you his analysis on one of the fundamentals of their game!

The Live In each episode they will offer you a more detailed review of the news, with a guest, a referee and a polemic. They will also give you an appointment for a technical corner every week.

Tutorials All their Tutorial videos on free tools and software! In each episode they offer you a moment of sharing free software knowledge.

OBS tutorial [FR]

LongoMatch tutorial [FR]

Lab Real AliBaba cave of the Handball coach and manager!
Via web and cloud, where you will regularly find articles and publications of technical content on different audiences and themes, researched by their experts.

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La Freelosophie Handball

Handtrainer team

A tribe of passionate, nomadic and inventive people at the service of the Handball community.
Their goals:
Democratize access to various content related to handtrainer’s practice

Handtrainer was born from the meeting of passionate people, who have always aimed to share, exchange and democratize access to development and performance for all.

Where the idea was promoted from?

Curro’s place was their nest, a paradise located between Chipiona and Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz (Andalucia)
Curro is the perfect host a lovely comrade and one of the best artist in town
We shared many interesting experiences, he always took care of us and helped us during the lockdown time there. We were very proud to be there collaborating with him and with the curious neighbors around us who saying: what these guys are doing?

Sunset at Chipiona

We are very glad to announce that his exhibition “Exposición de colores” is going to be inaugurated on July 18th. We encourage to everyone to visit his exhibition to support to his art work and to support one of the best people we know.
We wish all the best to him, great future to his work and success.
Although we have the invitation to his exhibition we will not be there. We had to move from there, it was time to change location, but our hearts will be there and we are sure that the birds will fly and dance above the Curro’s place celebrating again that unique moment in life.

Thanks mates!