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Partnership and Co-branding with Vagabonds

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Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two brands wherein the success of one brand brings success to its partner brand, too.

Undervan and Vagabonds work together on a campaign with the purpose of sharing in the reward, whether that’s leads, buzz, awareness, or new customers.

Both have established themselves as lifestyle brands — in particular, a lifestyle that’s action-packed, adventurous, fearless, and usually pretty alternative and free. These shared values make them a perfect pairing for co-branding actions

Undervan needs a location sometimes to develop another projects and to offer what the demand is asking. This location is provided by Vagabonds.

Vagabonds, as a co-housing/co-living, needs ideas, software, strategy, planing, training, engagement. This know-how is provided by Undervan.

Good start as partners!! Congrats

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