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La Ley Natural

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Concepto La Ley Natural es una ciencia, empírica, demostrable, palpable… Constituye el conocimiento de cómo funcionan las leyes inmutables que existen en este universo, y… Read More »La Ley Natural


“The success of a society is to be evaluated primarily by the freedoms that members of the society enjoy” “The ultimate guarantee for individual liberty… Read More »Paradox


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“Desafinado” bossa nova song was originally a response to critics who claimed that bossa nova was a new genre for singers who can’t sing or… Read More »Desafinado

Societal Collapse

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A society whose continuing function depends on constant growth, based almost exclusively on acquisition (e.g., pillage or exploitation), cannot be sustained indefinitely Joseph Tainter Survivors… Read More »Societal Collapse


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Lewis Mumford There is no clean dividing line between the irrational and the super-rational; and the handling of these ambivalent gifts has always been a… Read More »Technology