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“We take data protection seriously,” says Peter Fleischer, Google’s Global Privacy Counsel. “We don’t know our users by name,” he insists. “We just store anonymous identifiers, but no personal data.” This is an important distinction for Fleischer, who says that Google’s primary goal is to improve the accuracy of targeted advertising. According to Fleischer, the identities of the people behind the numbers are irrelevant. “We don’t even want to know the names of users,” he says. (source)

That’s the trick, they don’t need our names or listen our conversations to know about us, the metada that we create is used for this purpose. We forgot that our precious information is also what we think, who we need to be supported by, our weakness and strengths, the purpose of the bank account in/outputs….the metadata. This info is been used to calculate predictions markets, market products and services, military and police abuses, patterns to excuse violence….

Anonymity for you: read and click

“Anonymous communication should be regarded as a strong human right.” Let’s go forward step by step

1- Let’s start with the following proposals according to your habits already implemented on daily basis.

Fake it!

2- Let’s continue with the next step: internet evolution and our adaptation.


Biometric IDEncryption
Free SoftwareSayings
Massive surveillanceSolidarity economy
GNU ProjectMegacorporations
Source: Richard Stallman’s personal site

“It’s not that we don’t dare do things because they are difficult; rather, they are difficult because we don’t dare”


Anonymity for you: listen what they say

Richard Stallman #video #rms #freesoftware

The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer

Henry Alfred Kissinger
Source: Richard Stallman data base